Time in Transit: The table above lists the times in transit for the USPS shipping services. None of the services should be considered to have a money back guarantee. Only Express Mail offers a money back guarantee, however, this is only available to very select markets.
      Tracking: The USPS provides a Delivery Confirmation Number on all packages and services. However, this number can often be very unreliable for actual tracking.
      • First Class mail (FCM) tracking is extremely unreliable. Many packages are never scanned.
      • Priority Mail has improved tracking over FCM, however many packages do not receive scans at all points along the route to the destination.
      • Express Mail tracking is the best for the USPS packages and is reasonably reliable.
      Return to sender: If a package is in transit we can make a request to the USPS to return a package. There is a $13 charge to make the request but there is no guarantee that the package will be returned.
        Change Address: This service is not available through the USPS.
          Damage Claims: Priority Mail and Express Mail have insurance and claims for damages in transit should be initiated at the destination Post Office. The customer will be required to bring the package to the Post Office to show packaging and damages. Claims process typically takes 4-6 weeks, although it can be quicker. Check your company’s policy about reshipments on damages due to carrier issues.

          Time in Transit Guarantee Claims: If Express Mail packages do not deliver in time and the market is covered by the money back guarantee we can file a claim to receive a refund. Typical claim turnaround is to be expected and refunds are not a surety.